Hyperadmin Demo Site

Hyperadmin Github: https://github.com/webcube/django-hyperadmin

Login Info

Username: admin
Password: admin


Admin Client
A client powered purely by django templates
Github: https://github.com/webcube/django-hyperadmin-adminclient

API Endpoint
Where api calls are made to. View in the browser to see elements that are available in the resource.

Emberjs Client
A client powered by emberjs. All communication is done through a JSON-based API
Github: https://github.com/zbyte64/django-hyperadmin-emberclient

API Demos

Collection.js API
Build out the CMS with calls through the collection.js API
Github: https://github.com/zbyte64/collection-json.js/tree/topic-jquery

Backbone API
Backbone API demo. All communication is done through a JSON-based API
Github: https://github.com/zbyte64/django-hyperadmin-backboneclient

Other Resouces

Storage resource that enables direct uploading to S3

Resource that enables dockit integration